Virtual Data

What Is a Secure Document Management System?

A secure document management system is a dedicated, secure virtual environment that allows you to launch unverified applications, files, and open unknown sites, without creating potential threats to the main operating system.

Secure Document Management System and Its Main Characteristics

Documents contain information that is a valuable resource and an important element of business. A systems approach to records management enables organizations and the public to protect and preserve records as evidence of action. A document management system enables the creation of a business intelligence resource that can support follow-up and individual decisions, and provide accountability to all stakeholders. That is why a secure document management system is used.

Secure documents management system enables organizations to:

  • to carry out their activities in an orderly, efficient, and accountable manner;
  • provide services consistently and impartially;
  • to provide and document the formation of policy and management decisions;
  • to ensure consistency, continuity, and productivity of business and management activities;
  • increase the efficiency of the entire organization;
  • ensure business continuity in case of emergencies;
  • comply with the requirements of the legislation and the regulatory environment, including in the field of archival, auditing, and supervisory activities;
  • provide protection and support in legal cases, including risk management associated with the presence or absence of documentary evidence containing information about the activities of the organization;
  • protect the interests of the organization and the rights of employees, as well as all interested parties.

Of course, the desire of minority shareholders to invest in a secure management document system is fraught with two main concerns: that investments are not expropriated, and that their expected return on investment is maximized. As a result, risks arising from related party transactions “elude” and “evade” the corporate auditor. When ownership is separated from control, agency problems can arise. While in cases of distributed ownership agency problems lie between management and shareholders, in cases with structures with a concentrated ownership structure, agency problems more often arise between the controlling shareholder and minority shareholders.

Application Area of Secure Document Management System

This International Standard regulates the processes for managing documents of government or commercial organizations, intended for internal or external use. All general provisions of this standard are recommendations for the creation, inclusion in the system, and management of documents, as well as ensuring the compliance of documents with the characteristics specified in this standard.

This standard:

  • applies to the management of documents (in all formats and in all media) created or received by a state or commercial organization in the course of its activities or by a person charged with the responsibility to create and save documents;
  • contains provisions on responsibilities, policies, procedures, systems, and processes related to documents of organizations;
  • provides guidance on document management within quality and environmental management processes in accordance with national standards;
  • is used for high speed (gigabit) data transmission;
  • provides a base for building storage networks.

Document management extends to the practice of both document managers and any other person who creates or uses documents in the course of their business. Document management in an organization includes:

  • the adoption of policies and standards in the field of records management;
  • distribution of responsibility and authority for document management;
  • establishing and disseminating procedures and guidelines;
  • the provision of a range of services related to the management of documents;
  • design, implementation, and administration of specialized systems for document management;
  • integrating document management into systems and business processes.